Wooden Surfboards

The surfboards are made from a wooden mix consisting of balsa wood for the inner construction, poplar for the skin -deck and bottom- and pine wood for the rails. The hollow construction offers a great buoyancy. With the struts inside the board is very stable. I don't use a stringer, it's not necessary for the stability or the rocker and without, the boards show way more flex. The surface of the wood gives a good hardness, so these boards don't tend to get pressure bumps, if you duck dive or fall on it. The rails, made of pine, are wrapped around the hollow blank in many layers.

Due to a little more weight combined with the strong buoyancy, my boards have a special drive and become even faster, cause the wood absorbs the bumps of the water very well. They are sealed with just linseed oil which is very resistant to the salt water.
The leash plugs are made from a harder wood, usually beech, to be stable enough. For the finplugs and finboxes I still use the standard from FCS, cause it is a work for itself to produce it from wood. Due to the natural wooden grain each of the boards is unique.


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